Sex and Submission

Sex and Submission

Submissive sexual fantasies. Beautiful submissives are dominated in bondage and fucked by strong men. Sex and Submission, Dominance as a lifestyle, not a superiority complex.

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public humiliation

Occasionally you find a couple girls that get what they deserve. They may be dismissive of others, or take advantage of others, or just be whiney little bitches. When you find those girls you have to knock them down a peg or two whenever you can, and show them they can’t get away with everything they want.

These two college girls thought they could just use their pretty looks to take advantage of the boys and skirt their way through their classes. Eventually the boys had enough though and threatened to show that they were cheating unless they did what they wanted. At first the girls thought a little kissing would do, but the boys weren’t going to have it. They stripped the girls and lashed their asses to show those bitches what they deserved. When they realized their position this quickly turned into a brutal gangbang, where the guys fucked the girls over and over while threatening to reveal how they cheated to the school. The sluts soon figured out that the guys were good for more than cheating from, because they started getting into it, and even begged for another chance to get brutally fucked by all of them.

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