Sex and Submission

Sex and Submission

Submissive sexual fantasies. Beautiful submissives are dominated in bondage and fucked by strong men. Sex and Submission, Dominance as a lifestyle, not a superiority complex.

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This whiney submissive gets taken to a biker bar full of drunk, horny, bald, leather and chain wearing bikers. Once there, she is bound tightly, gagged, and made to serve drinks for a bit.

Before long, she is forced to suck cock, after cock, after cock, and get fucked by various guys while still in full bondage. Some other hot girls from the bar join in and so she is then forced to furiously lick pussy and take strap-on cock in her mouth and cunt. Finally, her last degradation of the night is with the two dudes who cum on her pretty face laughing at her pain and humiliation while they do so.

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