Sex and Submission

Sex and Submission

Submissive sexual fantasies. Beautiful submissives are dominated in bondage and fucked by strong men. Sex and Submission, Dominance as a lifestyle, not a superiority complex.

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Sex in Dominance and Submission

Sex in Dominance and Submission

Kristine is extremely submissive. She very obediently receives pleasure and pain from Steve Holmes when told to. Sucking cock and being fucked in the ass with a big cock while in bondage gets Kristine turned on and wet and Steve takes full control of her needs and doles out pleasure and pain in equal measure until little Kristine is crying tears of joy! Steve shows that sex in Dominance and Submission lifestyles is natural and wonderful.

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anal torture

anal torture

Sweet first timer Kiere King gets fucked in bondage by Steve Holmes. She’s in some pretty tight and restricting bondage for a first timer but she does really well. Kiere admits that getting fucked in the stocks is the kinkiest thing she’s ever done. But Dom Steve isn’t finished with her yet as he introduces her virgin ass to some really intense anal play and anal torture with a metal hook and a huge butt plug.

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Bound and 'gagged'

Bound and 'gagged'

Teen Mallory is just 18 years old and has only had sex a handful of times prior to meeting Steve Holmes. Steve shows Mallory she has a kinky side and how it feels to submit completely to an experienced Master.  Because of her inexperience, her pussy is really tight and Steve struggles to get his cock inside.  Regardless of her lack of fucking experience, Mallory shows raw natural talent when it comes to sucking cock and Steve is sure to take full advantage of her.

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Wealthy sadist Steve bought busty Asian Mia recently and has kept her in a cage until he is ready to play with his new sex toy. Here you can see his enjoyment torturing her as he whispers to her about the pain and pleasure to be had when she behaves like a good little slave.

He tells her about using a suction device on her pussy to engorge it and make it super sensitive and tight, and about the steel pussy hook he wants to hang her from as well as the fucking machine he has the option of pleasuring her with if he so chooses.

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